VSC Mini-Clubs

Mini-Clubs focus on a particular interest/activity to bring together like-minded spouses and VSC members. Each club sets its own calendar of events and is responsible for the coordination of its activities. All Mini-Clubs are open to VSC members. Questions? Contact the mini-clubs coordinator at miniclubs@vandenbergspousesclub.org

2017-2018 Registered VSC Mini-Clubs

NEW! Out & About Club (Facebook Group)
Discover fun things to do in the area.
Meeting times: to be determined.
Contact: Stacey York outabout@vandenbergspousesclub.org

NEW! Mahjong Club (Facebook Group)
Get together with new friends and enjoy a classic game of Mahjong. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play, we will teach you.
Meeting time and location: to be determined.
Contact: Gina Wood mahjong@vandenbergspousesclub.org

VSC Book Club (Facebook Group)
We meet to read and discuss books.
Meeting times: to be determined.
Contact: OPEN  books@vandenbergspousesclub.org

VSC Bunco (Facebook Group)
Bunco provides an evening of good communication, local support and friendship among military spouses. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play Bunco, we will teach you. We will meet at the Balfour Beatty Community Center.
Meeting times: to be determined.
Contact: Melissa Addison bunco@vandenbergspousesclub.org

VSC Lunch Bunch (Facebook Group)
Meet new people while trying new places to eat around the area and visiting some “old” good ones. We meet around 11:00-1:00 during the week. Location changes depending on the restaurant. Children are more than welcome to attend!
Contact: Nikki LeCureux lunch@vandenbergspousesclub.org

VSC Cooking Club (Facebook Group)
We get together to share good food and good company, while learning new recipes and cooking techniques.
Meeting times: to be determined.
Contact: Amanda Serniak cooking@vandenbergspousesclub.org

Vandenberg Running Club (Facebook Group)
We encourage each other, run together and post race information and results. A mile is a (s)mile! You do not need to be a super fast runner to participate, everyone runs at their own pace.
Contact: OPEN run@vandenbergspousesclub.org

VSC Dining Out Club (Facebook Group)
To socialize over dinner and explore local eateries. Invitations will be sent through Evite and meeting times will be the last Thursday of the month at 6:30pm. Location will depend on the restaurant chosen that month.
Contact: Elena Jones diningout@vandenbergspousesclub.org

Wine Academy (Facebook Group)
For VSC members with an emphasis on wine tasting, education, and pairings. Note that when you sign up for Wine Academy you are NOT automatically volunteering to host an event at your home. Only people that want to host will host. PARTICIPANTS MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE.
Meeting times: to be determined, and the location will depend on the hostess and the wine education that month.
Contact: Caci Felton and Debbie Moore wine@vandenbergspousesclub.org

VSC Photography Club (Facebook Group)
We meet to learn techniques, take photos, and share ideas of how we can take great pictures.
Meeting times will be every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Contact: Matty Johnson photography@vandenbergspousesclub.org

VSC Crochet Club (Facebook Group)
We meet to learn how to Crochet, learn new techniques, and to work on crochet projects together.
Meeting times: to be determined.

Contact: Allyson Rollings crochet@vandenbergspousesclub.org

Interested in starting your own mini-club? Check these handy references: